Stuck on a Show, Stuck in Life: Finding the Courage to Hit ‘Next


Alright, team, lean in. I’ve got a little secret to spill: Prime’s “Yellowjackets” has me absolutely hooked. Think “Lost” and “Lord of the Flies” had a TV baby, then decided to throw a high school reunion.

It’s twisty, it’s turny, and… kinda scary. If you’re down for a heart-pounding ride with a sprinkle of 90s vibes, hit play—but maybe keep a light on. Just a suggestion.

And yep, my coffee intake’s gone up. Blame it on those late-night cliffhangers. Ever found yourself stuck in a show marathon, even when the episode’s meh? Seems silly, right? But this ‘stickiness’ isn’t just for our streaming habits—it’s kinda universal.

It reminds me of a famous parable about a dog that’s sitting on a nail:

We’ve all been that dog at some point. Whether it’s clinging to a cryptocurrency, enduring a soul-sucking job, or sticking around in a relationship that’s more toxic than expired milk.

Why? Familiarity, my friends. Sometimes the discomfort we know feels cozier than the scary unknown. But remember: that nail? It’s only gonna poke harder.

So, here’s your challenge for the day: Identify one “nail” you’ve been sitting on. Maybe it’s taking control of your health, or perhaps it’s finally clearing out those 3,457 unread emails. Take one step, however small, to get off that nail.

Remember, change often seems more daunting in our minds than it is in reality. And the best time to start? Well, while you’re reading this, of course!

Today’s Espresso Shot:

Sometimes, it’s not about waiting for things to get better; it’s about making the move to better things.

Till next time,

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