Find out how Humanli has helped countless individuals regain control of their life.
Usually, people come to us for help with conditions that have become progressively worse after other solutions have failed them. Many of them have spent thousands of dollars trying to heal. Naturopaths, gut healing products, expensive supplements, intrusive and unenjoyable diets, or hair testing analysis all failed to help them. They come to us cynical, frustrated, and merely weary at their pain. All they want is to have their life back.
From LV, NV. Was dealing with gut issues, low energy and sleep issues. Marko and his staff gave me several resources and helped me figure out the best way to go about fixing those issues. Marko and his staff are very understanding and were a tremendous help in my healing process.
Gut issues
The best thing about the program that Marko runs, is it is evidenced based! So what do I mean by that... supplements, diet, lifestyle changes are recommended based on blood work, DNA panel, microbiome testing, hormone testing and so on. The guidance given by Marko and Scott since January 2020 has really helped me to make some big changes. I used to feel tired all the time, now not so much, my afternoon dip is nearly non-existent, I wake up in the morning more energised, I am much calmer and less anxious, I try and practice mindfulness as much as I can, all my skin issues (hives) have cleared up, and I am more focused and thinking much clearer.

So if you have been suffering for a while, take a leap into action and have faith!
Low Energy
I can’t thank Marko enough for motivating me to get back on the right track. He’s knowledge and positive attitude have greatly helped me understanding how to take better care of my body and mind and find a better balance in my life !
Marko is a passionate and dedicated to helping you become / live the best version of you. His knowledge and commitment to growth for his clients is apparent in everything he does. Health is wealth! Thank you Marko!
Marko Papuckovski is extremely knowledgeable on a wide variety of factors (nutrition, mindset, gut health, hormonal imbalance, supplements, sleep health, exercise, etc.) and he combines these approaches to help you build your own tool kit to achieve results for life. The level of attention and care he gives to each and every one of his clients is unparalleled. His treatment program is not one size fits all - it is based on your blood work, DNA and other factors to make sure you are getting what you need to reach your goals. That being said, this program is not for the weak willed. It will require dedication and effort on your part. Marko leads by example, he practices all of the things he recommends to his clients. He understands the hard work that goes into reclaiming your health because he's experienced it himself. Working with Marko is one of the best investments I've ever made in myself.
Gut issues
In the first 20 minutes of conversation I knew that Marko was going to change my life. I needed someone to hold me accountable and he does it with knowledge, respect and love.
Not only is Marko a beacon of knowledge, he is also friendly and approachable. The journey to getting your health back on track is long, however, you can always count on Marko to provide great support and guidance along the way. I would honestly recommend Marko to everyone and anyone!!
The hardest part about bettering yourself is establishing a new base line. Marko helped me do that from day 1 and taught me sustainable ways to keep my body fit and healthy for the rest of my life!

I could not recommend him enough!
Marko showcases his superior depth of knowledge and comprehension of the subject of nutrition through his ability to covert complex nutritional information into an easy-to-implement message.

I honestly couldn’t think of anyone better to get a no-nonsense, implementable plan or recommendation from.
After years of trying to work out a diet which worked for me I kept chopping and changing carbs and protein consumption on a daily basis. I wasn’t seeing results in my training regime.

Since reaching out to Marko and him putting me on a simple diet eating the foods that I like and tailoring my diet to my bodies demands I found myself feeling more energised and almost instant results in my physical appearance. He was extremely knowledgeable and most importantly extremely efficient when in need of advice.
I’ve been in the fitness and nutrition industries for over 13 years and feel sorry for anyone trying to improve their health these days as there is so much conflicting information out there. Every diet works on someone, every fitness program works on someone but how the hell do you find something that works for you?

That’s where Marko comes in.

I was becoming complacent with my own nutrition habits and even though I was very healthy, I was beginning to gain fat and get out of shape. Thanks to Marko’s advice, I now have a much more sustainable and enjoyable nutrition routine that gets me results. Marko is a man who brings clarity and cuts through the noise and I’m confident he can help you too.