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Super Stressed Society Member…

This ^ graph here is a result of a hormone test that we ran for one of our patients. You might recognize the word “cortisol.” You may also notice that the green area of the graph is the “optimal range” and everything else is sub-optimal.

And, as you can see, somewhere around dinner time our patient’s cortisol levels SPIKE super high. The time when we, as a society, have been trained to expect a wind-down, right? Well, not her body! Dinner time in her world comes with its own special seasoning: a pinch of salt, a dash of pepper, and a generous sprinkle of… cortisol!

It’s like her body thinks she’s prepping for a wild night out – even if it’s just a wild night with Netflix!

If you’re reading this, perhaps you too have had the dubious pleasure of riding the “High Cortisol” rollercoaster. Congratulations! Or, condolences? This is what chronically high cortisol feels like:

Rise and Shine… All the Time? Remember that dreadful alarm clock that goes off just when you’re in the sweetest part of your dream? Now imagine it ringing constantly. That’s what it feels like when your body is pumping out cortisol like it’s the latest fashion trend. The initial “wake-up” call is great, but buddy, I didn’t sign up for the extended remix!

Always Ready for the (Non-existent) Battle Being prepared is good, right? Batman does it. But being TOO prepared all the time? Not so cool. High cortisol is like having an overeager superhero inside, waiting for a villain that’s not coming.

Hyperactive Squirrel Syndrome Ever watched a squirrel? Darting here, darting there, constantly on the move, forgetting where they buried their nuts? High cortisol makes your thoughts do the same.

Benefits? There Must Be Some! All right, I’ll admit, being on high alert has saved me a time or two. Like spotting that last slice of GF pizza in the fridge before anyone else, or catching every single plot hole in movies (I’m looking at you, Yellowjackets). But trust me, you don’t need a hyperactive stress hormone to enjoy the little things. Most of us would be just fine with a smidgen less cortisol and a dollop more calm.

Chillax and Find Balance I’m not just here to poke fun at our adrenal glands. The truth is, it’s essential to recognize when your inner scales tip too far towards the “stressed out” side. Yoga, mindfulness, quality sleep, and maybe even some comedy (laughter IS the best medicine, after all) might just help lower that rampant cortisol. At least, until the next time you need to activate your inner Batman.

In the great play of life, let’s not let cortisol hog the limelight. After all, no one likes a showoff. Balance is the key. So, dear reader, here’s hoping your days are filled with just the right amount of stress – enough to keep you sharp, but not enough to have you seeing tigers around every corner!

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