Health: The Luxury You Rent

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Marko Papuckosvki

Clinical Nutritionist

Some people want diamond rings,

Some just want everything,

But everything means nothing,

If you ain’t got your health.

While this might seem obvious to most of us, it can often get lost in the noise of life and requires regular reminders. Once our basic survival needs are satisfied, only two things truly shape the quality of our lives: our health and the relationships we nurture.

I know many wealthy individuals who are on the brink of a heart attack or stroke. I don’t understand, do they think they can buy their health back?

Unfortunately, health is not for sale, however, it is for rent…

… and the rent is due daily.

You see, your health is an accumulation of your daily choices (most of the time). While we cannot control unforeseen tragedies like accidents or certain rare diseases, we do have considerable control over conditions like metabolic diseases, autoimmune disorders, and in some instances, even cancer.

I know… shocking. Mainstream medicine doesn’t want to tell you that because if can manage your health through lifestyle and diet, you are no longer part of their business plan.

Don’t be fooled, your doctor, your insurance, and the pharmaceutical industry generate massive profits from your illness.

Even if you express feeling a bit down – a completely normal human experience – you might find yourself with a prescription for an antidepressant.

Look, I’m not here to preach. I get it, I like chocolate too. I sometimes feel lazy also. You can allow yourself moments of being undisciplined but you shouldn’t allow yourself seasons of undiscipline.

Genuine self-love isn’t about indulging in ice cream on the couch at midnight. It’s about holding yourself accountable and maintaining a higher standard for your well-being.

Take care of your health, it’s the rent you pay for the luxury of life.

Weekly Wisdom

This Is Just Advice…

Instead of searching for the next best sleep tracker, supplement, sleeping pad, meditation guide…

… put your phone away and turn Netflix off at 9 pm. I promise that your sleep will improve.

Do you want to sign up for a fitness class with fancy red lights and upbeat music?

How about you start with 10,000 steps per day?

I know it’s not fancy and it sounds boring but boring works.

It’s slow, quiet, uncrowded, and doesn’t draw much attention – so few people will actually do it but those who do have outstanding results.

Lots of love,

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