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Our Programs

Individualised Health

Health is an individual journey, therefore our services are entirely personalised and include any combination of the following:

Success Stories

These are just some of the recovery stories we have been able to capture throughout the years. Many of our patients enjoy a significant improvement in their symptoms and quality of life!


From LV, NV. Was dealing with gut issues, low energy and sleep issues. Marko and his staff gave me several resources and helped me figure out the best way to go about fixing those issues. Marko and his staff are very understanding and were a tremendous help in my healing process.


I can’t thank Marko enough for motivating me to get back on the right track. He’s knowledge and positive attitude have greatly helped me understanding how to take better care of my body and mind and find a better balance in my life !


Marko is a passionate and dedicated to helping you become / live the best version of you. His knowledge and commitment to growth for his clients is apparent in everything he does. Health is wealth! Thank you Marko!


The best thing about the program that Marko runs, is it is evidenced based! Supplements, diet, lifestyle changes are recommended based on blood work, DNA panel, microbiome testing, hormone testing and so on. The guidance given by Marko since January 2020 has really helped me to make some big changes.


A month into working with Marko and his team and this is the BEST I have ever felt. They get really specific and don't try to guess your diagnosis. Right now I am not even half way through my treatment and I feel SO much better.


Marko is extremely knowledgeable on a wide variety of factors. The level of attention and care he gives to each and every one of his clients is unparalleled. Working with Marko is one of the best investments I've ever made in myself.